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Stephens Engineering Consultants, Inc. is a structural-forensic engineering firm corporately headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our distinctive, professional experience encompasses over 20 years of engineering and construction-related experience in residential and commercial structures.

Our staff of structural-forensic engineers are specifically educated and trained to perform assessments on roofing, exterior claddings, foundations, and other elements of residential and commercial buildings for various causes of damage, such as construction defects, weather events (wind, hail, floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc.), earthquakes, impact-related damage (vehicles, trees, etc.), and animal or man-made damage. We can also help decipher between the different types of damage, such as wind vs. flood, and whether the damage was short-term or long-term.

Stephens Engineering strives for excellence with all of our assignments. Every assignment is performed by a licensed professional engineer (PE) specific to the state of the assignment location. We also understand that good communication – before, during, and after assignment completion – is vital to the success of each assignment. And although our reports are comprehensive and technical in nature, we endeavor to compile each report with clear and easily-understandable language. Finally, each report goes through an extensive peer and quality assurance review.

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Stephens Engineering strives to provide precise, timely, and cost effective structural-forensic engineering services.

We are committed to uncompromised quality and customer service in every project assignment


Because our work is so important to those we serve, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We understand that every investigation involves multiple parties. Our Guarantee is that each investigation will be performed in a professional, unbiased, and truthful manner and our findings will be based on pure facts, not conjecture.

Truth In Discovery
Creativity and a passion for discovering the truth drive our detailed forensic investigations
"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
- Galileo Galilei

careers In carrying out our work on behalf of our clients, we adhere to the highest standards of ethics, quality and professionalism. If you would like to join this growing team of acknowledged experts, we will be pleased to consider your resume for employment as opportunities arise. Read More