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Structural Damage Assessments

In forensics, our knowledge of structures plays a key role in understanding how weather and environmental events, gravity, and building usage can affect the life of a structure. Experience has also shown us first-hand how construction and installation defects, substandard materials, and deferred maintenance can result in damage or loss. Building defects and deficiencies become more evident after weather and environmental events, such as flooding, tornados, and hurricanes. For example, wood-framing that has been exposed to repeated or long-term moisture may be structurally damaged from rot or microbial growth, potentially resulting in failure during what would otherwise be considered a non-damaging event.

Every region of the United States has its own geographical and climatic distinctions. The expert professionals at Stephens Engineering are well informed of the unique variables in construction and structural stability in your specific region. Our
professionals are knowledgeable in the building practices that create sound construction and can investigate and identify construction defects readily. From years of experience, we understand the complex factors that need to come together to achieve a sound structure. We are uniquely qualified to complete structural-related damage investigations.


Stephens Engineering strives to provide precise, timely, and cost effective structural-forensic engineering services.

We are committed to uncompromised quality and customer service in every project assignment


Because our work is so important to those we serve, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We understand that every investigation involves multiple parties. Our Guarantee is that each investigation will be performed in a professional, unbiased, and truthful manner and our findings will be based on pure facts, not conjecture.

Truth In Discovery
Creativity and a passion for discovering the truth drive our detailed forensic investigations
"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
- Galileo Galilei